Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess 2: Mind your Mind

Model: Milena at Wilhelmina Models Stylist: Dianna Lee Makeup and hair: Deborah Altizio Model is wearing dress by Dianna Designs NYC

Women are highly intuitive creatures, much more so then us men. On a subtle level, they know what you are thinking. To treat a woman well, you have to be in the right mindset. This installment of the Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess is about raising your mental discipline to the higher levels of consciousness. Mind your mind The first step in finding … [Read more...]

On Winter: #aMeditation

a Meditation: On Winter

#aMeditation We invite you to unplug for two minutes from the land of A.D.D. and let your mind rest with one subject in sight, so that you can quiet the mind and return to presence. So as you gaze into the meditation, fix your gaze—or as yogi’s call it, fix your Drishti—onto one point in space, but be aware of all the surroundings. Quiet the mind and focus … [Read more...]

Life 101: Seven years a New Yorker

Seven Years a New Yorker - Life 101 Lessons

New York is not only the greatest city in the world, but it is a great teacher as well. The density of culture and technicolor array of ethnicities brings together an anything-goes city where nothing is out of the ordinary. It has been said that only after living here for seven years one can officially call themselves a New Yorker. I just crossed this … [Read more...]

Words = Power: An exercise to lessen your resistance

Words = Power

Einstein taught us that everything in the Multiverse is made of energy. Your thoughts are energy and the building blocks of your universe as you perceive it. They are the jet fuel of your life. However, some of your thoughts and words are also what's keeping you from your dreams; your thoughts can unintentionally cause resistance! The very thing that … [Read more...]

NYC Gallery: Fashion in a New Light

Fashion in a New Light

Tis the season for things to shine bright and sparkle. Last week luxury lighting company Xicato presented “Fashion In A New Light” benefitting Bailey House and “Be Fabulous.” The exhibit which is now open to the public features iconic images by famed fashion and celebrity photographer Roxanne Lowit. Photo credit: Sylvain … [Read more...]

Selenium: Keep your third eye seeing clearly

Heinrich Third Eye

Why do you need selenium? I picked out this particular dietary supplement to write about because it is growing in importance for two reasons, 1) our water supplies are infused with flouride so you need to double down on your efforts to counteract toxicity and 2) the energetic collective conscious of the planet is emerging more and more, and one big way to … [Read more...]

Hunter & Gratti Photography Exhibit

Photo by Angela Pham

This weekend in NYC's Open House Gallery, artists Hunter & Gratti debuted their photography exhibit "The Series." Originally from Barcelona, the two gentlemen displayed their unique style of portraits and overpainted photography. If you are in the city this holiday season, consider stopping by to take a look. Here is a brief tour of the opening: Photos … [Read more...]

On Cloud Atlas: Each crime and every kindness

Jon Heinrich Photography © 2013

I’m watching Cloud Atlas for the third time now, I have not seen a movie this good in a long long time, so much that I was compelled to write a movie review. Cloud Atlas shows the interplay of dimensions between lifetimes, and the way that our choices—each crime and every kindness—dictate our future fortunes. You may initially have a “disdain for [the] … [Read more...]