Mind Wrap 3: Uniqueness as The Purpose of Life?

Creative Mind Expansion via Mind Wrap

[Editor's note: As you may recall, the Mind Wrap column is an exercise in creative mind expansion to remind ourselves of the importance of imagination in our lives. The responsibility is yours to goad your imagination towards new and unheard of possibilities despite society's urge that there is only one "right and wrong." The practice is simple: Believe … [Read more...]

Mind Wrap Exercise 1 – The Free Energy Device

Mind Wrap - Free Energy Device

Wrap your mind around this. Believe that, just this moment, someone released blueprints for a free-energy device. They posted them on social networking sites, included them in mass mailers, dictated the instructions on automated phone messages, and hosted them on multiple websites. You have viewed these blueprints and realize that you can generate enough … [Read more...]

The Mind Wrap Philosophy

Photo: Jon Heinrich

The Mind Wrap Philosophy I would like to reintroduce to you the importance of your imagination. There is a simple strategy that I have practiced over the past few years to deliberately extract more wisdom from my daydreams. My actual dreams have always been fantastic. As a young child I would often talk or shout in my sleep as I fought dragons or … [Read more...]