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Established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind is a spiritual movement that embraces the idea that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere. It is through our thoughts that we communicate with this divine creative force and as such, the quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our lives.

Each Sunday in New York City’s Lincoln Center Film Society, Reverend Wade Adkisson along with the membership of ministers and practitioners participate in Science of Mind at the First Church of Religious Science. Here is a beautiful example of a monthly treatment you’ll hear from Rev. Adkisson:

“There is only One Power and Presence expressing throughout the universe. This Divine Presence of Love is expressing as me and through me at all times. I am an outlet by which God loves and creates. I am the way and means by which God experiences and celebrates life. There is only One Life, It is perfect, whole and complete and that LIfe is my Life right now.

“Today I celebrate this One Life and I let the One Mind guide and direct my own life. Every moment gives birth to fresh new creative ideas that unfold as new experiences in my world. My word is the law unto my life and will create for me what I desire because I am at one with the great Creative Action of the universe. I move from good to greater good because of the love and givingness of Spirit. And so it is.” – Rev. Wade Adkisson

The temple of God is within you

The philosophy of Earnest Holmes supports that true human selfhood is divine and by participating in spiritual mind treatments, we can program the subconscious to accept our divine thought as a force for good within our own life and for the greater good.

In his book, The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes states “Religious Science is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to human needs and the aspirations of man.”

He teaches that disease originates in the mind, and that “right thinking” can heal any of life’s afflictions.

Science of Mind: So what does it mean?

When participating in the Science of Mind, we are looking to understand our true spiritual self, that within us all is a divine spark. By speaking to our higher self through the mind treatments, we can achieve a realization of self.

Ideas are the building blocks of life

When we consciously move creative energy towards where we want, we take our lives into our own hands. We allow our spirit to know itself, to celebrate life and lift the consciousness of self.

We possess the ability to speak and initiate that great creative power of the universe through the law of cause and effect. We are always creating, because we are always thinking.

Consciousness = the cause
Experiences in life = the effect

As Rev. Adkisson explains, “You are the writer, the director and the actor of your own life,” he says “the only obstacle is your own imagination. The only thing that can prevent you from achieving anything, is you.”

I invite you to pick one of Earnest Holms books or visit a Center for Spiritual Living near you. And each day, remember that God is not something “out there” that you need to broker a conversation with. The Infinite Intelligence is all around us, waiting for your conscious right action to initiate the creative power and take your life from good to greater good—and anywhere you’d like.

“There is but one Life, one vitality, one energy and it is God. This is pure Mind, pure Love, pure Being.” – Dr. Raymond Charles Baker

- by Jon Heinrich

Some good books to check out:

The Science of Mind (Earnest Holmes)
This Thing Called You (Earnest Holmes)
Living the Science of Mind (Earnest Holmes)
The Science of Successful Living: The spiritual formula for a Joyous Life (Raymond Charles Barker)
Money is God in Action (Raymond Charles Barker)

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Photo by Jon Heinrich © 2015

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