Introducing tanya-b: Presence-inspired Yogawear

Yoga is an ancient practice trending now that cleanses and strengthens the mind, body and spirit. To be a yogi does not mean that you can achieve a certain arm balance, do the full ashtanga routine or pop a handstand in front of a beautiful sunset for your Instagram friends. Yoga is about the practice, it’s about the journey.

tanya-b urban legend, Jamie Lugo.

tanya-b urban legend, Jamie Lugo.

Thus, the modern yogi is a brave seeking-spirit who is willing to try and fall, over and over again. As a labor of love, with each step on the mat, we grow and remind ourselves to love each and every day, moment by moment. Yoga is the practice of NOW.

Introducing tanya-b

tanya_boulton_280x400As each yogi on the path will tell you, feeling good about your yoga instructor is very important. Meniscus had a chance to sit down with one such yogi whom a whole lot of people resonate with. Pure Yoga instructor Tanya Bolton’s intention is simple: To guide her students to stay present in their experiences—both on and off the mat. Looking at Pure Yoga NYC’s roster of instructors, you will find an incredibly deep portfolio, with each instructor having their own divine flair. Tanya holds down a very special corner of that tapestry of yogis.

Extending her creativity off the mat, Tanya is now unveiling her new line of yoga wear called tanya-b, an authentic, well-designed activewear collection for the modern woman looking for a unique way to express themselves.

When we asked why she started her new yoga line, Tanya explained “It was a purposeful calling, to bring in everything my heart and soul desired from the community, creativity, and connectivity. I wanted women to feel sexy and feminine in the clothes while keeping the brand and yoga accessible to everyone.”

It did not come without its challenges however.

“Starting a business is about getting over your doubts, fear, and shame…TRULY believing in yourself.”

Sound familiar?

Challenges, on and off the mat

The idea originally came to Tanya when she was living and teaching yoga in Hong Kong. She discovered that it was a long process of research and connecting with the right people that enabled her to bring the idea to fruition. She had a very specific sensation around what the brand was about. “It needed to FEEL right,” she remembers.

Once Tanya’s father passed away, she found herself with a greater sense of resolve and focus to make it happen.

“In trying moments, there can be great inspiration,” she explained.

With this new tanya-b yoga line, she is encouraging a paradigm shift away from yogawear brands that are mass-produced, to brands that are more personal and connected. “I believe people are craving community and connectivity, which is why many people are drawn to doing yoga in the first place,” she said.

Here are a few selects from the current tanya-b collection.

Here are a few selects from the current tanya-b collection.

Students of Tanya’s Hot Power Vinyasa classes at Pure Yoga NYC can certainly feel her energetic state, which is why her classes are constantly packed. Tanya feels the reciprocal energy and the cycle continues.

Doing Good

One of our favorite topics at Meniscus is prosumerism, which in short, is supporting brands you believe in with your wallet instead of corporate behemoths that do not align with your personal ethics. The idea is that we can change the world in a truly capitalistic manner by supporting brands that support our own philosophy and ideals. Tanya-b is one of those brands that we feel aligned with and it is in a large part, due to that reciprocal relationship with people. She is she is leaving the planet with more positivity and wellness than when she found it.

“There’s a responsibility to stay connected to your customer,” Tany explains, “to find ways to share with others so they feel invested, and truly a part of it.”

If you are in the New York City area, please join cofounders Tanya Bolton and Anna Chung for the debut of the Tanya-b line at Pure Yoga on Tuesday Feb 24th at 6:15 where Tanya and urban legend Kay Kay Clivio will co-teach a hot power vinyasa class to officially kick it off.

Please check out the line at and stay connected with her on Facebook here.

- Interview with Tanya Boulton
- By Jon Heinrich

Tanya-b: Presence-Inspired Yogawear

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