A state of deep peace can be achieved when the mind is calm and silent—whether you are sitting in silence at an ashram or standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a bustling subway car on the way to work. Meniscus Magazine features videos and guided meditations to help step out of your busy head, into the peacefulness of your own mind.

40 Years of Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness

Jons 40th Health Wealth Peace Love & Happiness

Today I turned 40. I am now hitting that milestone that so many people abhor. But I don't feel old at all. I feel more wise and full of life than ever. Now is the time when our decisions and choices in life start to catch up with us. Life is all cause and effect. Or as that famous Yogi in the Bible put it: ‘Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also … [Read more...]



THE FULL ABUNDANCE CHANGE ME PRAYER by Tosha Silver If you feel drawn, let it enter your Being, releasing any old ideas of constriction or limitation and returning Your true essence as expansive, radiant Light. "Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone who can give with complete ease and abundance, knowing You are the unlimited Source of … [Read more...]

On Winter: #aMeditation

a Meditation: On Winter

#aMeditation We invite you to unplug for two minutes from the land of A.D.D. and let your mind rest with one subject in sight, so that you can quiet the mind and return to presence. So as you gaze into the meditation, fix your gaze—or as yogi’s call it, fix your Drishti—onto one point in space, but be aware of all the surroundings. Quiet the mind and focus … [Read more...]

Everything is Energy

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We are Divine beings of light; pulsating with energy. There is an interconnectedness that exists between us. Our energy is continuous. It flows from one point of attraction to another. We are magnets of manifestation; pure potential. In the physical, we attract people and situations into our lives that are a reflection of who we are. Our thoughts, … [Read more...]

A meditation: Feeding off the light


Dear Loved Ones,   Scientists are now exploring that we may actually live off "Light" energy and interestingly not necessarily from the Sun, but Light from the universe. This light seems to keep our DNA in action (remember our DNA is a vast collection of photons) and when we are stressed we apparently release the photons (light particles) from our … [Read more...]