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Summit of Spearhead Peak photo by Aron Ralston

Do something that scares you

After a long transformational journey this summer—another story entirely—I departed for my long-planned mountaineering trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I have always heard that term "do something that scares you," when Tony Robbins' surrogates make commitments to life transformation. I knew this trip to RMNP would be challenging and would require my … [Read More...]

Jons 40th Health Wealth Peace Love & Happiness

40 Years of Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness

Today I turned 40. I am now hitting that milestone that so many people abhor. But I don't feel old at all. I feel more wise and full of life than ever. Now is the time when our decisions and choices in life start to catch up with us. Life is all cause and effect. Or as that famous Yogi in the Bible put it: ‘Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also … [Read More...]

Be Kind to the Temple and use diet and detox to kick cancer

Be Kind to the Temple, Detox and Kick Cancer

Pills, specialists, HMOs, diets, antibiotics, immunizations, and surgery: These are the ways that Americans treat their ills. Let’s not forget however that fundamentally we are animals, and evolution has not brought us all this way because our bodies need assistance just to survive. Not often enough do we talk about how we can be kind to the temple and use … [Read More...]


Vegetarianism in India: The Subtle Energy Bodies

Most people talk about the health benefits of eating vegetarian—not getting the grown hormones, antibiotics, pesticide bio-accumulation and saturated fat. Meniscus started talking to actress, writer and yogi Shakti Assouline about vegetarianism in India and the more subtle affects of eating meat. Meniscus: Shakti, can you tell us more about the subtle … [Read More...]

Science of Mind, Jon Heinrich Photography

Science of Mind – First Church of Religious Science

Established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind is a spiritual movement that embraces the idea that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere. It is through our thoughts that we communicate with this divine creative force and as such, the quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our lives. Each Sunday in New York City’s Lincoln … [Read More...]

Gentleman's Guide to Girls in Yoga Pants

Gentleman’s Guide to Girls in Yoga Pants

Girl in Yoga pants in NYC If you are tapped into social media, you have probably seen this hidden camera video of men checking out the girl in the yoga pants in New York City. It is hilarious, disgraceful, and a great topic to discuss towards being a modern evolved Gentlemen. But first of all, give these men a break. I mean, come on, the term “red … [Read More...]

Voila! Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, vegan and gluten free of course

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe (vegan, gluten free)

It was about 9:00 pm on a Saturday night. I wanted to bake something a little different, a little warm and comforting. I remembered of all the cakes, pies and cupcakes my Mother used to whip up so effortlessly (from scratch of course) I settled on making banana bread—after all warm banana bread is about as comforting as you could get. As usual, I prefer … [Read More...]

Just Label It! GMO Labeling

Just Label it! Conceal or Reveal National Campaign

At the Deepak Homebase nestled in the gorgeous ABC Carpet and Home off NYC's Union Square, a group of people met to discuss Just Label It! Conceal or Reveal, a movement to make mandatory the labeling of GMO’s, so consumers can make better-informed choices about our food. Led by speakers Gary Hershberg, Jessica Seinfeld and Ken Cook, hosted by Stephanie … [Read More...]

Rainbow Salad Plate - Macrobiotic Recipes

Rainbow Salad Plate

Judi Longo brings us through four macrobiotic recipes that come together as a Rainbow Salad Plate that you can then eat all week long. - by Judi Longo … [Read More...]

Tanya-b: Presence-Inspired Yogawear

Introducing tanya-b: Presence-inspired Yogawear

Yoga is an ancient practice trending now that cleanses and strengthens the mind, body and spirit. To be a yogi does not mean that you can achieve a certain arm balance, do the full ashtanga routine or pop a handstand in front of a beautiful sunset for your Instagram friends. Yoga is about the practice, it’s about the journey. Thus, the modern yogi is … [Read More...]

Feng Shui all about the space, no clutter

Feng Shui: It’s all about the space, about the space…no clutter

Fashionista versus Her Closet... It is that time of year when the party’s over, literally and figuratively. It’s always difficult for me to get through the darkest and coldest days of the year in NYC. Like many of us in the Northeast after the holiday season ends I crave newness, warmth, physical exercise and sunshine. But Mother Earth has me held in the … [Read More...]

An Interview with Yeshua

Interview with Yeshua: A simple message, “You are divine”

[Editor’s note: This summer, during a chance meeting with new friends in Central Park, New York City, Chernise Spruell received a message during her meditation. She received a direct message from Yeshua, better known as Jesus, the Prince of Peace, known to billions across the world. Shortly after that meeting, Chernise channeled a message to me, so I can … [Read More...]

Prosumerism Defined - photo by Jon Heinrich

Prosumerism Defined: An Economic Evolution

Do you ever feel like the current economic system is broken? Do you feel like the system is rigged against you? You are not alone. In this interview with Prosumer Coach, Jon Connors, we explore how that is all changing. Fortunately for all of us, there is a new economic system generating momentum that represents an evolution of the knowledge and … [Read More...]

Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz at the New-York Historical Society

Join Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz, at the New-York Historical Society

NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS PHOTOGRAPHS BY WORLD-RENOWNED ARTIST ANNIE LEIBOVITZ On Wednesday November 19 the New-York Historical Society presented Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz. More than 70 photographs evoke historical figures including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Marian Anderson, Robert Smithson and Elvis … [Read More...]

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