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Nutritional Neuroscience

Mind expansion through nutritional neuroscience

Meniscus Magazine is here to support the mind expansion side of health and wellness, this time we're talking about nutritional neuroscience. But before we get into that, in order to understand how to supplement the brain with different compounds, it is important to understand the basic functioning of the grey area. The brain consists of millions of cells … [Read More...]

Macrobiotic Diet, by Judith Longo

What do Madonna, Sting & Gwyneth have in common? A Macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotic diet, the anti-cancer diet The Cancer Prevention Diet: Michio Kushi's Macrobiotic Blueprint for the Prevention and Relief of Disease is all about how to stay healthy with a simple, delicious macrobiotic diet—and the good news is that you don't have to be a millionaire celebrity to eat this way. Macrobiotics, first mentioned in 1797 in … [Read More...]

Sri Ganehsa

Paramahansa Jagadish, spiritual wellness through Divine Grace

Paramahansa Jagadish When speaking of powerful healers of our age, one can not overlook Paramahansa Jagadish, American-raised, Eastern-trained yogi. Jagadish has dedicated his life to spreading spiritual wellness by awakening others’ hearts to experience Divine Grace, the source of all transformation, healing and release from undesired patterns. His level … [Read More...]

Sri Kaleshwar

My Experience in India with Swami Sri Kaleshwar

Swami Sri Kaleshwar, Penukonda, India. Today, March 15th, 2014 is the second anniversary of Swami Sri Kaleshwar taking his mahasamadhi, meaning he ceased to be in his body and ascended to the infinite. I have been involved in his work since May 2010 and traveled to his ashram near Bangalore India that July. Most westerners have not heard of Kaleshwar—yet. I … [Read More...]

Model: Milena at Wilhelmina Models Stylist: Dianna Lee Makeup and hair: Deborah Altizio Model is wearing dress by Dianna Designs NYC

Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess 2: Mind your Mind

Women are highly intuitive creatures, much more so then us men. On a subtle level, they know what you are thinking. To treat a woman well, you have to be in the right mindset. This installment of the Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess is about raising your mental discipline to the higher levels of consciousness. Mind your mind The first step in finding … [Read More...]

Valentine Science: Love on the mind, the neuroscience of love

Valentine Science: Love on the mind

What is love? Good question. So this Valentine's Day, with love on the mind, we decided to dive into the neuroscience of love as it occurs physiologically. While the propagation instinct is built into all species, the entire animal kingdom does not hold the capacity to love. Your cat may act as a romantic troubadour as he passionately licks the neck of … [Read More...]

Open Source Human Robot Project - American Sports Arena

Open Source Human Robot Project: Entry 1 – The American sports arena

Open source human robot project As 150 million people gather around the tube to watch the Super Bowl, so are hundreds of millions in marketing dollars. It is possible that the Super Bowl and the NFL have the master advertising channel. Meniscus has started the Open Source Human Robot Project. We will be decoding the programs built into the human … [Read More...]

Super Fun Show with Learning! Kickstarter Campaign

Super Fun Show with Learning!

Super Fun Show, with Learning! is a half animated, half live-action sci-fi comedy kids show for adults. Meniscus Magazine met up with Lexie Kahanovitz who is working on this new web TV series about the challenges the younger generation are inheriting and the effects of technology on our health and our lives. The millennials faces huge challenges, and this … [Read More...]

a Meditation: On Winter

On Winter: #aMeditation

#aMeditation We invite you to unplug for two minutes from the land of A.D.D. and let your mind rest with one subject in sight, so that you can quiet the mind and return to presence. So as you gaze into the meditation, fix your gaze—or as yogi’s call it, fix your Drishti—onto one point in space, but be aware of all the surroundings. Quiet the mind and focus … [Read More...]

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