About Meniscus

Meniscus Magazine is an online art forum where artists can share their positive viewpoint of the world. With so much bad news in the mainstream media, people need a place to read about the integrity of life. Meniscus is that hub of goodness—a nucleus of positivity where we can not only feel good about life as it is, but imagine evolution through revolution.

Things are changing; people are awakening.

Meniscus Magazine is a torch—a guide to read the way—to help lead others to the bliss that you’ve found. Individual perspective broadens the collective. Meniscus is like a convex lens that will take a precision beam of thought and disperse it to many places and angles, shedding light on many hidden corners of culture.

By tapping into the God within us all, this online magazine is a conduit for free-flowing creativity.

Our AUDIENCE is anyone who chooses the brighter side of life. We cater to the intelligent explorer, who knows as well as we do, that life should be a celebration, and not a lament. We cater to those who seek excitement, change, happiness and the purest things that life has to offer.

Meniscus is the experience of awareness.