Spiral Upward Guidebook

The Upward Spiral Guidebook is a guidebook for transformation. Meniscus is organizing an index of methods and philosophies to help any willing soul move forward on the path of consciousness to help us “do our homework” in this lifetime so we can move past the downward spiral of depression, dissatisfaction and loneliness to the upward spiral of happiness, love and fulfillment.

The guidebook is broken out into three groups in the order of complexity.

Spiral Up Level one -

Represents the baseline activities we can do to ensure we are not falling into the traps of modern capitalistic society, which feed upon our addictions for material items, convenience, societal acceptance and ego. By working on Level one items, we stop being a customer of the system of illusion and chronic disease and begin our spiritual path on a strong foundation of self sufficient health and wellness.

Spiral Up Level two -

Incorporate more advanced methods of mind, body, spirit integration, cultivating our internal intuition and welcoming in our Brahma consciousness. Practicing daily rituals invite in the peace and calm that allows us to act wisely throughout the day, instead of reacting to gossip, illusion, temptation, greed, lust, anger and the “belly button down” emotions. These activities start accelerating the upward pull of our consciousness and can start to pull others around us onto the path as well.

Spiral Up Level three -

Involves advanced healing techniques, where you actively seek out and clear your karma from this lifetime and past lifetimes to advance to the next stage of consciousness. Most of the methods here involve the assistance of a healer and activate your own healing energies within. This is where the high divine work happens.

We will be adding to the collection continuously, if you have something you would like to contribute, please reach out to us.