The Mind Wrap Philosophy

The Mind Wrap Philosophy

Photo: Jon Heinrich I would like to reintroduce to you the importance of your imagination.

There is a simple strategy that I have practiced over the past few years to deliberately extract more wisdom from my daydreams. My actual dreams have always been fantastic. As a young child I would often talk or shout in my sleep as I fought dragons or climbed jagged peaks, much to the bemusement of my parents, three brothers, and anyone else who slept over. My dreams were always vivid, extraordinary and weird. There were no rules no limitations and no consequences. Most nights I couldn’t wait to fall asleep and enter the theater of limitless entertainment and adventure. There where nightmares, of course, but their influence became blunted as I learned to subtly order them away upon arrival. I loved to sleep and dream and ironically would often find myself daydreaming about them.

I am not sure when I started the practice of subconsciously ordering my daydreams to be as unique and farfetched as my night dreams. I guess it was in my late 20’s when I had begrudgingly assimilated into this insanely mundane system that we refer to as society. It wasn’t enough to listen to music, write, drink, hike, fish, etc. The world had stopped delivering inspiration and around my 27th year I determined that inspiration was all I really wanted out of life. I also realized, suddenly, that that responsibility was now mine… an important moment. I needed a form of self-created entertainment that could play through my mind as I waited in line for coffee, drove to work, showered, waited in the doctor’s office and so on. I didn’t want to restrict myself to typical ponderings so I swung the pendulum of thought as far out-of-the-box as I could. I consciously eliminated my mental governor who historically identified and discarded abstract thoughts as inconsequential. I was now reformatting my neuro-network to allow as many unconventional and outlandish thoughts into my consciousness and then encourage myself to believe these “thought-forms” were undeniably true, albeit temporarily. It is important to note that I always allow myself to climb back out of these rabbit holes, retaining the wisdom that I feel necessary to help free me from this boring assimilated life. The process was haphazard at first but over the years I had optimized it into what I like to refer to as the “Mind-Wrap”.

The simple practice: I believe in a unique concept as whole-heartedly as I can for one week. Now, belief is a tricky term. It literally means accept something to be true without proof. Kids do this hundreds of times a day without effort. As an adult, though, it is tricky to free yourself to really imagine. The only way I could fool myself into really imagining was to give myself a one-week grace period and then return to a “typical” perspective.

Over the years, hundreds of outlying concepts traveled through my mind, temporarily re-sculpting my neuro-network. No single belief-system ever stuck but what I discovered was that my ability to temporarily believe something deeper and wider became more enhanced. The little governing voice became hushed and that silence has been truly liberating.

My hope is that my daydreams will leap one step closer to the night dreams… hopefully, until the difference is barely perceptible. Whatever the outcome, though, the ride has been, and continues to be, a very enjoyable one.

So, lets begin with an example, a trial concept, a “Mind-Wrap”. I refer to each concept as a “Mind-Wrap” so as to envision the mind actually wrapping around a belief system and completely harnessing it. For one week, believe something with such intensity that it allows you to view your world from a different perspective. It may help to believe that the majority of the population is convinced of this as well. Your safety valve is that you consciously know you will snap out of that belief system at weeks end. See if you can’t retain a nugget of wisdom along the way that will actually have merit and value to your current perspective.

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