Hunter & Gratti Photography Exhibit

This weekend in NYC’s Open House Gallery, artists Hunter & Gratti debuted their photography exhibit “The Series.” Originally from Barcelona, the two gentlemen displayed their unique style of portraits and overpainted photography. If you are in the city this holiday season, consider stopping by to take a look. Here is a brief tour of the opening:

Photos by Angela Pham,

The dynamic duo included an array of celebrity portraits including Bruno Mars, Douglas Booth & Poppy Delevingne. Their signature artistic approach is to create a veil over a photo by using these amazing acrylic colorways and the pieces are sure to inspire. The work makes the viewer want to be a part of that moment. We shall see what effect this artistic approach has on photography world today.

In addition, Hunter and Gratti have caught the eye of several powerhouse publications from Vogue to FLAUNT Magazine. The launch was hosted by Julia Restoin Roitenfield and the tunes for the night were DJ’d by Misshapes. Other notable attendees that were there to show their support include Dan Murphy, Dirk Staten, Dan Ragone, Micheal Barcley, Misshapes,Corey Kennedy, Cleo Wade, Mathew Woodhouse, Brian Shimansky, Tia Walker, Kelly Bensimon, Shala Monroque.

Jonathan Cody is a freelance contributor for Meniscus Magazine based in New York City.

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