Open Source Human Robot Project: Entry 1 – The American sports arena

Open source human robot project

As 150 million people gather around the tube to watch the Super Bowl, so are hundreds of millions in marketing dollars. It is possible that the Super Bowl and the NFL have the master advertising channel.

Meniscus has started the Open Source Human Robot Project. We will be decoding the programs built into the human psyche that cause us to repeat the same motions over and over again whether they are good for us or not. By shining a light on the code that corporations and government use to harness consumers, we explorers will see how we play into it. For entrepreneurs, this shall shed light on ways in which to hook into the programs of the human subconscious.

Marketing is neither good nor bad, money is the energy which our culture operates, so it is a way of harnessing that energy. But if you are in the process of self improvement–whether as a marketer or a consumer–it is important to be aware of the larger forces at play.

The goal of this project is to shine a light on the programs that are running in our subconscious mind. By becoming conscious of them, we can release those that do not serve us.

Like Wikipedia, we welcome contributions to the code base, so if you see one of our human Programs that you’d like to shine a light on, please write us.

In this first workstream of the open source human robot project, we are going to deconstruct the American sports arena.

Primary Goal: Create a space where 80,000 subjects will gather and spend lots of money.

Secondary goals:
– Generate secondary income derived from broadcast rights and ad sales.
– Support Illusion Architecture Project plan goals (more to come on this)

Strategy: Overstimulation of the power and desire hormones prompting subjects to seek equilibrium via purchasing food, alcohol, branded merchandise and entertainment packages.


  • loud music
  • cheerleaders
  • alcohol
  • competition

    The common thread here appears to be the testosterone hooks such as violence, power trips and sexy girls. Each of these appeal to the bottom two chakras or lower consciousness levels focused on survival and reproduction–essentially our animal instincts.

    Advertising that works well with this consciousness level is simple humor, sex, and anything that will trigger the Pavlovian instinct of salivation.



    Analysis: This is one of the most highly successful applications using the Human Robot programs. This method has been employed for thousands of years and originally referred to as “Bread and Circus” in Ancient Rome. They have this down to a science.

    Americans and Europeans alike both love their football. When I lived in Ireland I heard a quote:

    “Football is a sport played by gentlemen, watched by animals. Rugby is a sport played by animals and watched by gentlemen.”

    The quote was in reference to European football, aka soccer, so I’m not sure where the American audience would fall on the spectrum. Maybe both.

    Marketers take note: Wings, football, skulls, crush, power, rage, destroy, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Obviously this approach works best with the American male, but clearly a successful strategy given marketers are paying ~$4 million for 30 seconds.

    Stay tuned for future decoding of more programs as the Open Source Human Robot project continues.

    - by Jon Heinrich

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