The Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Fra Angelico's The Annunciation (c. 1438): Virgin Mary meets the Angel Gabriel to be told she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

Dear Francis, Thank you for finally stepping out of the centuries-old mold and bringing the Church around to tolerance and unconditional love. I am SURE Jesus would agree with your comments on gay marriage, you are right, who are any of us to judge? I would like to propose another change that has been carved in stone for some time, the Sign of the … [Read more...]

Mind Wrap Exercise 1 – The Free Energy Device

Mind Wrap - Free Energy Device

Wrap your mind around this. Believe that, just this moment, someone released blueprints for a free-energy device. They posted them on social networking sites, included them in mass mailers, dictated the instructions on automated phone messages, and hosted them on multiple websites. You have viewed these blueprints and realize that you can generate enough … [Read more...]

Meniscus Magazine: Why?


You may or not remember the first era of Meniscus Magazine. After a long hiatus and some deep thinking, we are back! The question is "Why?" So, Why? To press forward on our "mission to civilize". To "turn poison into medicine.” We have come to the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one. Because this new era is all about the … [Read more...]

The Superhero Archetype


"the ring choose you” a testing to show the hero is mortal the hero has fear does not want the responsibility of saving the world hero sees the girl the girl is in trouble hero saves girl! Realizes power uses superpowers in normal every day life for justice hero falls for girl but then is confronted by an evil that, if left … [Read more...]