The Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Dear Francis,

Thank you for finally stepping out of the centuries-old mold and bringing the Church around to tolerance and unconditional love. I am SURE Jesus would agree with your comments on gay marriage, you are right, who are any of us to judge?

I would like to propose another change that has been carved in stone for some time, the Sign of the Cross. There is something that is just not right, that we mention only the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

No one on this planet—especially Jesus—has ever done one single thing without the help of a woman. Women are the key to our survival and procreation on this planet. So why does the Sign of the Cross deliberately omit Mother Mary from this most common prayer? There are even four spaces for the hand gestures (up, down, left, right.)

She is most certainly divine as she was chosen to be the worldly vessel of “God’s only son” in the immaculate conception. Does she not deserve the recognition as part of the Holy family?

feast-of-holy-familyPerhaps it is more accurate that the Holy Spirit is reached through the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the secret of Creation on this planet.

Please consider it, dearest Francis, this is a time of awakening and the more we invite the Divine Feminine into our lives, the more balanced and intuitive we will all become,

Respectfully submitted,

with love,


Below: The Virgin Mary hears news of her future from God’s right hand man, Angel Gabriel. “Talk about a mind job!”

Fra Angelico's The Annunciation (c. 1438): Virgin Mary meets the Angel Gabriel to be told she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

Fra Angelico’s The Annunciation (c. 1438): Virgin Mary meets the Angel Gabriel to be told she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

- By Jon Heinrich


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    I love this piece. Beautiful invocation. I stopped using the Sign of the Cross some years ago… not just because my life path brought me beyond the cozy confines of the Church, but because I was shown directly, first-hand, how the Sign of the Cross actually weakens our energy field. Using muscle-testing or applied kinesiology, a healer demonstrated for me that whenever we cross ourselves in that way, we actually denigrate our energy field. Very interesting.

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      Alexander, thank you, yes I have heard the cross really lowers your energy, so having them hanging in your home is a method used to keep people’s energy down. Interesting to hear that you have had this demonstration as well.

      From what I understand it is the era of the Divine Feminine so skipping the Mother in such a foundational prayer needs to change. Most people’s internal robot never even notices that there are actually four places and only three mentioned. Hmmm.

      Times are changing! Thank you for your contribution to the Awakening!


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