The Superhero Archetype

“the ring choose you”

a testing to show the hero is mortal

the hero has fear

does not want the responsibility of saving the world

hero sees the girl

the girl is in trouble

hero saves girl!

Realizes power

uses superpowers in normal every day life for justice

hero falls for girl

but then is confronted by an evil that, if left unchallenged, will destroy humanity

Superhero must leave the girl to fight evil

harnesses the inspiration of the goddess to destroy evil and save humanity

Superhero saves the world

but darkness is still out there

the Superhero must always serve the preservation of humanity

so that mortals can live free from great evil

Just like life:

a higher calling
overcoming fear
harnessing willpower
the crystalization of Superpower by the goddess
the incubation of superpowers through testing
the calling to save humanity
the ultimate test
saving the world
the triumphant return to the goddess

- Jon Heinrich

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