Meniscus Magazine: Why?

You may or not remember the first era of Meniscus Magazine. After a long hiatus and some deep thinking, we are back!

The question is “Why?”

Photo: Jon Heinrich

Photo: Jon Heinrich

So, Why?

To press forward on our “mission to civilize“.

To “turn poison into medicine.” We have come to the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one.

Because this new era is all about the resurgence of the creative human spirit and the rebirth of consciousness.

To rekindle the spirit of mankind to where it was fully in bloom in the age of the renaissance. When the hearts and minds were breaking free from the darkness of manufactured fulfillment and material desire.

Why now?

Because human consciousness is coming back around on the curve that started at the birth of duality——when the world was divided into two pursuits: material and spiritual, as Descartes said.

Meniscus is designed to provide a big picture view down to a detailed view, designed for you to skip around and formulate your own conclusion on how to Spiral Upward.

To move past the tyranny of greed and violence and move to a higher vibration as a human race towards love and kindness.

To remind ourselves that change starts each day, and despite the crazy changes going on in the big picture, there is much to be grateful for right in front of our noses. And so Meniscus is also here as a virtual bouquet of roses to stop and smell as your blessed day goes by.

And most importantly:

To encourage everyone to think for themselves.

Thank you for listening, stay tuned for more Light to follow.

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