G-Shocked – 30 years later


We all remember the classic Casio timepiece, we all had one.  This week we had the honor to join in and celebrate Casio G- SHOCK 30th anniversary with a press conference featuring special guests James Marsden, Jessica Stam and Brook Lopez, where three exclusive timepieces were presented: MTG, Rangeman and GDX6900. The first timepiece introduced was a … [Read more...]

MILLY Cocktails to Celebrate Mika Brzezinski’s Book “Obsessed”


On an a relaxing Tuesday evening, MILLY designer and founder Michelle Smith, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Quest Magazine’s Elizabeth Meigher hosted a cocktail party to celebrate Mika’s new book, “Obsessed” celebrating women’s bodies and inspiring confidence for those struggling with body image issues. Guests enjoyed the evening at the MILLY NYC flagship … [Read more...]

Snow, a poem by Stephanie Laterza

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Snow Quiet snow fall- ing unsuspect- ing coming down and fall- ing silent on an undisturbed red roof is peace without opinion. A soft white quietude, falling more of the same lays down and lays down without words without blemish to declare its coming. An unscented soft powder makes a cushion for its own sake for even shouts become … [Read more...]

Letter to my 17-Year Old Self


Michael, Hope you are doing awesome! You have been on my mind a lot lately as the stories of the possible college choice to your enlisting in the Army reserves. I woke up this morning thinking about how proud of you I am. Not because of your devilishly good looks, but because of your compassion. I am reading a book by the Dalai Lama called Beyond … [Read more...]

Rockaway Hurricane Seva


The 15 passenger van was silent as we drove through the downtown area of Rockaways that seemed to be hit the hardest. I saw high water marks six feet up on the inside of the windows in the local tavern. Then an impossibly destroyed car. I'm wondering “how in God's name did that happen?” Then it got worse. One store front: burned. Another storefront: burned. … [Read more...]