Just Label it! Conceal or Reveal National Campaign

Just Label It! GMO Labeling

At the Deepak Homebase nestled in the gorgeous ABC Carpet and Home off NYC's Union Square, a group of people met to discuss Just Label It! Conceal or Reveal, a movement to make mandatory the labeling of GMO’s, so consumers can make better-informed choices about our food. Led by speakers Gary Hershberg, Jessica Seinfeld and Ken Cook, hosted by Stephanie … [Read more...]

Norma Kamali vs Objectification

Norma Kamali vs Objectification

What is it about Norma Kamali? How is she still at the top of her game after all these years of success? How is she this timeless wonder still producing such modern, fashion-forward designs while maintaining her ageless physicality? I recently attended an evening event lead by the one and only Norma Kamali in her ultra clean, bright, white lacquered … [Read more...]

Styling Joan Osborne

Styling Joan Osborne

When I was called to style the raspy-voiced Joan Osborne for her latest album, all I could think of was her song “What if God was one of us”. With the most powerful tool of any artist today, I rushed to Google and did my homework. I looked at her, I looked right into her eyes. I listened to her, I let her scratchy voice swirl around in my head. And, then I … [Read more...]

Spicy gluten free vegan pizza recipe

easy gluten free vegan pizza recipe by Judith Longo

Recipe: Spicy gluten-free vegan pizza To continue along with our macrobiotic recipes, this is an easy gluten free vegan pizza recipe if you are on the go and need a quick healthy meal. You can grab a tub of antipasta ingredients, a gluten free pizza crust and you are basically ready! Ingredients: - 1/2 cup green & black olives* (seedless) - 1/4 … [Read more...]

Grass fed lamb, bok choi and purple passion potatoes


Periodically Meniscus Magazine will be featuring recipes from Judith's Upper West Kitchen, a menu with a foundation in macrobiotics but limited only by what healthy ingredients can be whipped up into a delicious meal. The focus is on the ingredients and their associated health benefits. This week, a grass-fed lamb dish is featured, one of the few meat … [Read more...]