Styling Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne-Fasano1When I was called to style the raspy-voiced Joan Osborne for her latest album, all I could think of was her song “What if God was one of us”. With the most powerful tool of any artist today, I rushed to Google and did my homework. I looked at her, I looked right into her eyes. I listened to her, I let her scratchy voice swirl around in my head. And, then I sat quietly just like I have always done for any creative project and let that creative force come right into my mind. I got the message that there are many aspects to this beautiful, powerful vocal artist. Like her voice she is both soft and gritty at the same time.

As I followed my thoughts I defined what I felt were Joan’s main qualities. Firstly, she is very “pretty”: doe-eyed with soft features and baby-fine, blonde hair. She is also “angelic” with an aura about her that is like a bubble of light from within. Her personal style is somewhat earthy and “bohemian”. And, she is a without a doubt, a bluesy “rockstar”.

I saw that Joan Osborne was indeed all the aspects I had defined, Pretty, Angel, Boho and Rockstar so I created my style boards with inspiration and looks I love for all four facets. On the day of the shoot she was impressed with the aspects of her style that I had defined. Joan loved the combination of drapey crepe fabrics and leather pieces I had gathered for the shoot.

Both soft and gritty, Joan Osborne’s true magic came through when she stepped in front of the camera. Dressed in the sensual clothing I had chosen with makeup and hair done, she was ready. In an instant she closed her eyes, snapped her fingers and danced to the music of her favorite artist BB King. As photographer Jeff Fasano clicked away and captured her incredible metamorphosis, Joan Osborne was truly in her element.

Story and styling by Judith Longo
Photography by Jeff Fasano

Styling Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne-Fasano4

Joan Osborne-Fasano3

Joan Osborne-Fasano2

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