Environmental Wellness

Mindful meditations on how to live in harmony with our surroundings, and take care of our planet for ourselves and future generations.

Up in Eagle’s Nest with Aron Ralston

Eagle's Nest Wilderness, photo by Jon Heinrich © 2013

I'm high up in the Gore Range with America's most inspiring left-handed climber Aron Ralston. We have a fantastic view of dawn through the silvery underleaves of the dewy underbrush as we breathe in the crisp mountain air. Eagle's Nest Wilderness area, where we are climbing now, is the topic of conversation as we round out 11,000' around 7 am. … [Read more...]

Rockaway Hurricane Seva


The 15 passenger van was silent as we drove through the downtown area of Rockaways that seemed to be hit the hardest. I saw high water marks six feet up on the inside of the windows in the local tavern. Then an impossibly destroyed car. I'm wondering “how in God's name did that happen?” Then it got worse. One store front: burned. Another storefront: burned. … [Read more...]