Meniscus Manifesto

[Editor’s note: I recently had a chance to attend a presentation by marketing coach Danielle Mehta, where I learned all sorts of good stuff about branding yourself as a small business. In an conversation afterwards, she asked me where I see Meniscus going in the next few months and years. Well, I really like what dumped out of my brain, so I wanted to share it. And so I present, the latest and greatest…

Meniscus Manifesto:

Meniscus Manifesto by Jon HeinrichMeniscus in the future: my vision is that this will be the go-to source of guidance as a guidebook for transformation. That once people see it, they can’t un-see it and are thus infected by the upward spiral, addicted to finding new things to improve their health, wellness and creativity–in the same way folks are now addicted to the robotic impulses of consumerism, sugar, alcohol and ego trips. Meniscus will be a tremendous value to the transformation of the planet, surpassing relatively new properties like the Huffington post in reach. We will leave the fear-based rage media like Fox News to cower in the shadows of defeat, pathetically unable to incite the outrage and prejudice that they so easily spark now.

We are not going to change the world. No, that would be an exercise in futility. We are creating our own new world and leaving the old paradigm behind. Those that choose to join us are welcome. Those who insist on fighting progress, individuality, equality, science and natural organic wellness can continue their monkey shit fight as long as they please. Everyone has their own path and some folks are going to have to come back hundreds or thousands of lifetimes before they are ready to open their hearts and minds to the divine potential within each of us.

In the mean time, those of us that are doing our soul homework, pulling the vibration of the planet out of the dark age of fear, greed and ego, will get together to celebrate every day of life on the virtual pages of Meniscus. We will share knowledge and resources to help each other along the way. We will do the work that our souls came down here to do.

We will create art, poetry, photography, literature and fashion in the way that our only our individual souls can express.

We will eat well, take care of our bodies, detox and share superfood recipes.

We will open up the power of the individual to take care of themselves outside of the confines of the FDA, of Mansanto-poisoned food, of western prescription drug-based treatment and we’ll free each other to life on the planet like God intended for us: running freely and joyfully through the proverbial poppy fields, sustained by nature and not corporations, beholden to God and our inner heightened intuition and not subject to the political buffoonery and illusion that rules the planet now.

Meniscus will shed awareness to the masses as a powerful successful node of consciousness.

How does that sound?

- by Jon Heinrich

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