Interview with Yeshua: A simple message, “You are divine”

An Interview with Yeshua[Editor’s note: This summer, during a chance meeting with new friends in Central Park, New York City, Chernise Spruell received a message during her meditation. She received a direct message from Yeshua, better known as Jesus, the Prince of Peace, known to billions across the world. Shortly after that meeting, Chernise channeled a message to me, so I can share it with all of you via Meniscus Magazine. This is the transcript below, (subheads and emphasis added.)]

I am here now. I am present.

“The wonderful thing about an opportunity like this is the ability to connect with people real time. So many people have this concept of Yeshua being in the past because they first became familiar with me in the Bible. But its important to know, given that time does not exist, that I am here now. I am present. Its very important to tell people that, because people are aware that something is happening, things are changing, things feel different. Maybe there is a different way of moving and acting in this world, they will think “oh, Jesus did that but it was so long ago, it does not relate, Jesus was in the past, I need something now..”

Jesus is now, Yeshua is now.

Being able to connect with people in the now is a wonderful way to have people open up and listen, and even have new ears when they’re reading the old text.

The beautiful thing is the message really is the same, but the wording will be different. Because, during this period of ascension, everyone is being combined, everyone’s brains are being rewired to our true divine original state, so you’re able to hear things differently. Its the same thing, but you’re able to grasp it on different levels. And so you can look in the Bible, you can look at the writings of Lao Tsu, you can look at Buddha.. There are so many things that are going to be very similar and it’s literally about getting the message in enough times, until the the tipping point is reached, [and you say] “oh wait, yes, I get it!”

My message really is very simple: You are divine. Period.

You are divine. You may believe otherwise, because of your experiences—and so many people are working on releasing their prior programming which is wonderful—but the truth I would like everyone to embrace is for everyone to sit down in a meditative pose, some place that feels very peaceful, where you can just sit in your room and have peaceful music and just contemplate: I. AM. DIVINE. I am divine. I am a divine being. I am divine. And really just move around in that space for at least a half an hour.

If your thoughts start wavering…and you mind starts thinking of ways how you are not divine and going back into your current situation, just say, “that’s okay, my mind’s going there for a second but I’m going to bring it back to ‘I am divine.’”

The more you can contemplate that the more you find yourself aligning with that. The beauty is, that the universe is always the how. You do not have to use your mind to figure out how you are divine or what that means, or how you have to act.

Its literally about giving your consciousness to the truth that you are divine, rather than anything that seems to be requiring your attention outside of you.

Of course if there’s an emergency you should deal with it. But if there’s something on television you can turn the television off. You can wait a few more minutes to eat if you’re not starving. You can hang up your clothes a little bit later.

Really, as much as you can, devote your consciousness to Truth. This one simple powerful [statement] is going to help you align with the truth, and from there you’re just going to find things unfolding so majestically. Things are going to start making sense, things are going to start clicking. You’re going to find yourself in the flow…because, like we said, its already true.

It’s already in you. You are divine.

But that nugget of truth has been buried under concrete after so many lifetimes of having to deal with just being on the physical plane and just dealing with survival, with whatever the next emergency is. [As] you align with [this divine truth] its breaking through all these layers. Eventually you allow the light to shining forth to be your main truth, the main being that you are. It sounds very simple, it is very powerful if you commit to doing this, you really will find just so many wonderful things in your life.

And the other beauty is that, We the ascended masters, on the other side of the realm, the other side of the veil, we all see you as this already. We know this as who you are. We love how you radiate in that wholeness of who you are. But when YOU start knowing who you are, start radiating as who you are, it’s really a different ball game, dear one, its really quite magnificent.

Your Divine self interacting with others

When you interact with others from this space of Truth, its of great assistance. One positive thought can counteract hundreds or thousands of negative ones. And its really the same if one person is aligned with their truth, and they encounter others, its going to be interesting.. It’ll actually be fun especially if you can stay in your divine observant state and just see how people are reacting in front of you.

You will find some people are very happy just to be in your space. It makes perfect sense when you radiate the space of Truth, there’s an unconditional love that is inherent in that. And people feel wonderful around that.

You may find that some people are uncomfortable in the light. They’re uncomfortable in the powerful Truth. Even that can be a wonderful view because you are literally waking [them] up, you’re calling out that nugget of truth, that light within them to move around. And they’re not sure about the way it feels. It can feel uncomfortable but you’re helping it to wake up within them. They may never cross your path again but at a later date, you can be sure that they’re really going to be waking up to who they are as well, because one lit candle can light all the other candles in the darkness.

Commitment and Consistency

Your priority and your greatest gift to all of life is for you to realize that you are divine….the important thing in this is the COMMITMENT and the CONSISTENCY. These two things are extremely powerful because when you say to yourself, when you contemplate “I AM DIVINE” daily, you are telling the universe that you are serious, you are telling yourself that that you are serious. You may find things coming up that may challenge that belief, that is very natural. On the path when you are growing, when you are pushing against something, it’s very natural that you may find challenges.

But the beautiful thing…is that you’ll find yourself, even in those challenges, falling back into that place faster: “Oh yes, I am divine.” Seeing through the challenges faster. Saying “Yes, Yeshua said this would come. This is just something for me to see through to remember that I am divine.”

It’s a beautiful thing to do and one of the other benefits of consistency and commitment is that when you are doing the same thing over and over and over again, you’re really forming a beautiful habit of getting in the space of light, getting in the space of truth. You’re letting that part of your mind that had a preconceived idea of who you are. You’re letting it know who you are. “I am Divine. I am Divine. I am Divine. I am Divine.”

At first there may be some self sabotaging experiences but then [you’re] going to realize, “but wait, I AM Divine! I am Divine.” Then its going to work for You. Because the…true rule of the brain is also to be your servant. And when we say “You” we mean your divine essence that is clothed in form at this time. Every part of you is to work for You, it should be your vehicle for enjoying life, for growing, your skin, your heart, your muscles, your eyes, your brain, all of it is here to work for You. When you learn how to get it to work for You, then that’s when you find your existence on this plane is nothing short of bliss and joy.

Louise Hay wrote a beautiful book called You Can Heal Your Life, its talking about, in short, how your body—parts of your body—respond to whatever messages you have on autopilot. And so when you begin to contemplate Truth you can imagine what that does to your body. So a natural consequence in addition to bliss, will be health.

Other consequences of this commitment and consistency to the Truth that you are divine, is going to be amazing relationships, abundance and you’re going to [find insights in the work that you are doing].

You’re going to be ready to follow the guidance of the Universe easier, and it’s going to be clearer for you to understand, its going to be clearer for you to make out. When you are sleeping, the result of [you being in Truth, play out as] beauty, purity, love, light, joy, bliss and wonder in every area of your life. Which is why We are recommending this. Its very simple.

This does not mean it may not be challenging to people because, for so long, people have been told…”you are a loser, you are a winner, you’re very strong, you’re very weak, you hurt people, you lift people up..” And the reality is, in the totality, you are all of these things, but at your very core, you are Source. You are Source. You encompass everything. And when you are able to contemplate the fact that you are divine, that you are one with Source, this becomes something that radiates from your core, up to your heart, down through your feet, it radiates out from your heart, its truly truly wonderful. Its truly wonderful.

Its worth the effort, it’s worth setting aside the time, its worth making your password on your computer “I am divine”, its worth writing “I am Divine” on pieces of paper around you. Its worth it to wear mala beads around your wrist so when you look down they remind you of that, you can even say “I am Divine, I am Divine,” 108 times, once for each bead. You really can not devote too much time to that, because like we said at this time, during this ascension process, your body is already experiencing the pull of being in the physical and remembering in certain areas where there’s not as much resistance, its remembering that it is divine. And so it can feel awkward, but the more that you contemplate how Divine you are, that you are Divine, that you are one with Source, the more harmonious your experience is going to be.


Grounding is extremely important in this situation. Sitting with your feet on the ground, sitting with the base of your spine, your coccyx on the ground, sitting just on the floor, on the grass. If you are in the city and you’re not near any grass, and you only have concrete available, really just closing your eyes and sitting down and seeing yourself as a tree and feeling yourself as a tree.

Feel your legs and your feet as roots in the earth. Just feel the earth and how its supporting you, really this is wonderful. Because the more that you do this, the more the natural increase of light will be supported as a result of you knowing that you are Divine. And that is also very important. Because you are here to ground the light down to the earth.

Your energetic make up is literally a beautiful tube of light and the tube of light connects them to the earth’s core and it goes up to the central sun to Source. This beautiful, beautiful, beautiful tube of light is why its very important to ground.

Imagine those roots going down to the center of earth’s core and then just feel how wonderful it feels to be so so supported. Because the earth is here to support you, it’s literally a support to your experience as a human. That is what the earth has chosen to do in this lifetime. Gaia is a powerful powerful force and chose to be this and chose to house all these wonderful human lights. So the more that you connect with this beautiful power, the more that you find you are supported and so when you do this beautiful exercise, remembering that you are Divine, and that you connect with source, you will feel just this beautiful harmonious beam of energy going up.

It will be very subtle at first, but the more that you do it, the more you will feel it, and the more comfortable you will feel holding large amounts of light, because that is also a job of beings that are consciously on the path of growth in this lifetime. You’re here to enhance the light. And you do that by holding greater and greater and greater amounts of light. When you have a strong solid base you can hold more light, you can radiate more light, you are more light. So its just very important to ground.

Different methods of grounding

One of Chernise’s clients put some soil in her socks when she went to sleep and found herself feeling much much more grounded the following few days afterwards. That is something also that you can do, it seems very simple but the energy of the earth is the core of yours, its in every grain of sand. Source is in every being, so the energy of the earth’s core, that beautiful support, that wonderful life system, that energy is in every grain of sand and every drop of soil and so we would say soil particularly for grounding. Sand has a lot more ocean energy which is extremely wonderful and powerful but for the grounding we think it would be very good to have soil in your socks if you choose to go that route.

And plants in the home are wonderful. Its a conscious passive way to help you with grounding, especially if you find yourself—if you think of yourself as someone who connects to the light and connects to the energies of the upper three chakras very easily.

So this is the message we have for you this evening. Does this make sense?

JH: Thank you, I will put this together and spread it to as many people as I can!

It has been an honor and a gift and a pleasure to speak with you. I send you so much love, I am always always with you, please know this, I am always with you.

Interview with Chernise Spurell
by Jon Heinrich

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An Interview with Yeshua

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