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Damien Wynne Light Grids workshops are constantly changing and evolving as the energetic field of the planet shifts—and it is moving very quickly right now.

Walking into a workshop with Damien you will find this powerful yet grounded soul has set up a beautiful energetic environment before the arrival of the guests. As the workshop commences, he scans the room to see where everyone is at, then brings everyone to what he calls the zero point and the agenda is set by what is needed in that room.

Right now in this highly transformative, energetic time, many people are working through similar issues. Over many lifetimes, our perceptions of reality and our own power have been “programmed” by society and by the power structure in place. As we move into this new era of consciousness, many of those programs are being cleared, and Damien helps not only energetically, but psychologically to work through them.

We all have issues, and he helps in a profound way to “break the habit of being yourself”. As each of us bring our own vibration up to a higher level, we open up the Field for the rest of the planet to follow. In this way, those energetic pioneers who willingly face their own issues pave the way for the rest of the collective consciousness to grow.

Expansion Topics

While his work is constantly evolving, topics he has covered in workshops include:

- Work with issues around sexual abuse, criticism, blame and guilt. We have all lived many, many lifetimes and if any of those involved sexual abuse (giving and/or receiving), a residue remains on your soul that causes feelings to linger from lifetime to lifetime. Damien helps release those energetically and by talking through it.

- Damien accesses our ancestors and brings them back into the correct genetic “seat” of the family to clear the DNA. For example, maybe the mother is trying in the wife seat. Sometimes the roles as male and female in a relationship are mixed up. Other times you have a grandparent who has moved into an genetic role that is not appropriate, even if they have passed on. Damien helps participants connect with their ancestors through their own heightened intuition and brings alignment back to family genetics.

- He helps participants give back heavy emotions inherited from our parents. We often take on topics from our parents that do not belong to us and weighs us down. For example: “Mother, Father, all the feelings of anger, frustration and resentment you felt from being unappreciated and unaccepted by your parents, I give those feelings back to you with love and respect. They are too heavy for me. They do not belong to me. I give them back.” Through this process it allows the proper ownership of issues and helps to clear them both from your field and also the field of your parents.

- In the workshops, Damien works with deceased ancestors to help them ascend to the light instead of lingering around in a purgatory that will be unhealthy for everyone.


Damien’s presence and method is very powerful. He brings light to issues common among our collective programing. He moves the topics from the head to the heart, then helps us to breathe through them and cleanse the cells in our body. He brings attention to the cleaning of the blood and brings space between the cells in the body. He is truly a loveable character, his Irish accent, his wisdom from traveling all over the planet doing his work and helps people find their true potential.

Damien Wynne Light Grids workshops, Damien near Mikonos GreeceDamien’s home is currently in Berlin, Germany but he travels all over the world to help people do what they need for themselves. He reminds us to always say to our higher self “please take care of me.” He teaches us not to try and change people if they don’t ask for help, but rather to support them. “I am here to support you. I am here for you.” Because in the end, we can not work on anyone but ourselves.

I would highly recommend going to one of Damien Wynne’s workshops if he is in your area. You can find out more about him on his website here: damien-wynne.de/
or his Facebook page as well: www.facebook.com/LightGridsHealing
If you are in the New York City area, you can find out about his events at www.sacredgatheringsandevents.com/

In the end, the most powerful statement you can make is: “I Am that I Am.” Collect the fragments of your soul that have been misplaced, own what is in you and you will transform.


- by Jon Heinrich

Damien Wynne – Light Grid Clearings

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