Trusting the Currents

Lynnda Pollio has entered her literary career with dazzling depth as she brings the reader through a beautiful story of transformation and surrender against the backdrop of the deep south. Unlike many books in the spiritual enlightenment category, Pollio has channeled Trusting the Currents, a fictional tale with the voice and depth of character reminding the reader of powerfully rich, descriptive language inspired by the classics of Fitzgerald, Steinbeck and Salinger.

Having been writing for over ten years, initially Lynnda did not know what shape it would eventually take on, originally thinking it would be a play before it took shape as a fictional novel. She wrote the original draft stream of consciousness as one long manuscript with no chapters, however the inspiration for the writing was truly remarkable.

Feeling the deep nuances of her main character, Lynnda let Addie Mae tell the story in her deep elderly southern African American accent. In a relationship that we will never understand “until we join the Invisibles,” Addie Mae shares an epic tale of how the truth and hardship can show the willing soul just what it needs to see to find life’s purpose.

As Lynnda shares in the Prologue,

…I awoke into the fleeting voice of an elderly, Southern, African American woman. For a moment, she helped me understand everything…and then it was gone. As sleep escaped and the dream and its memories evaporated, she showed me a mountain I would climb. I never saw her face but her presence felt familiar. My heart pounded, only the fragrance of her words remained.”

Throughout our journey, Addie Mae was my guide, assurance that someone had gone before me. Whether it was by chance or fate, or lives touched. Addie Mae generously decided to share what she knew. She gently guided me into experiences that brought me closer to her understanding, closer to her wisdom, to the wisdom of the Invisibles. Close enough so on that one magical day, I could hear her whispers.. and was finally ready to listen.

No matter how lonely and scary the path seemed at times, she let me know I was not the first traveler. I was never alone.

Neither are you.”

Lynnda’s grand tale through Addie Mae’s journey entices the reader through their own journey of transformation and acceptance of divine timing. Through the many layers of the story, the lessons of Trusting the Currents come subtly through in this mystical search for truth.

- by Jon Heinrich

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