Detox: Purify thy Temple


Detox Purify thy TempleThe first major topic in the Spiral Upward handbook is a foundational philosophy that, in order to thrive in this regulatory landscape that prioritizes corporate profits over environmental side effects, it is our responsibility to keep our bodies clean.

The core philosophy of this topic is “thy body is thy temple.” The body is the interface between your soul and the physical world. If that interface is clogged full of toxic residue, then you won’t be able to realize your full potential—neither mentally, physically, or spiritually.

We will cover other topics around what you put in your body, and other ways to take care of yourself as other chapters in the guidebook, however embracing the principle of regular detoxing is a core practice for those that are looking to spiral upward. The lack of detoxing will leave you accumulating toxins whether you have the most pristine diet in the world or not. Unfortunately environmental toxins are all around us.

The main organs we are supporting with a detox effort are your liver and kidneys, which are the garbage collectors of the body. They filter out the toxins left from chemicals in the system, alcohol and metabolic waste, which is a natural by-product of the body’s normal processes.

How do you treat your Temple?

Cleaning out your body with a regular detox regimen does not end with physical benefits through healthy lifestyle. Spiritual health and physical health go hand in hand. Like Sting said, “We’re just spirits in the material world.”.

I spoke to Brian Haas, esteemed pianist of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey about detoxing and diet. His mother attributes her victory over cancer to changing her diet. While a life threatening disease is certainly poignant, it is more than what may happen at the end of your life:

“This is the house of our spirit,” says Brian, if you think of it in those terms, it makes sense. The body is the interface between your soul and the physical world. If that interface is clogged full of toxic residue, then you won’t be able to realize your full potential—neither mentally, physically, or spiritually.

“Jesus said your body is a temple. If you treat your body like a temple, it spreads into the rest of your life. Every aspect of your life becomes holy; everything you do is holy.”

Detox to realize your full potential today

“The mind, body and soul are connected,” Haas explains.

“If you don’t allow your body to operate at its full potential, how do we even know what our minds are capable of? I’m all about living like a real human and realizing my full potential. I’m back here [on the earth] for some reason so I want to be the best human I can be. All of this is so simple.”

Detox Purify Thy TempleAfter hearing him behind the grand piano, I know why he’s here. But its even larger than spreading his consciousness expanding jazz. There is a larger purpose.

“The reason we’re here right now is to help in the healing process of the earth. So, we have to turn ourselves into superheroes, we have to turn ourselves into ultra-humans. We have to find our true potential.

“Jesus said ‘Don’t you understand that you’re all Gods?’ Simple; we’re all Gods, we’re all creators. We create the world around us. And if we’re toxic, if we’re poisoning ourselves, we’re going to create an awful world. Look around, we made this.

“The way I look at it, if you only feed yourself goodness and love, you only create goodness and love.”

Creating a toxic free reality

If you are reading this, you know that you create your own reality through the law of attraction. Even in 1937 Napoleon Hill, in his famous business book, Think and Grow Rich, came to that conclusion. So if you want to attract a clean, healthy, pristine life, the first step is to go within and create that clean, healthy, pristine temple that serves as the seat of your soul on this planet.

As we progress with the guidebook, we’ll introduce many ways to help detox. If you want an easy method right away, try Apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon in water first thing in the morning upon rising. This regular practice will help your liver flush out all the toxins it accumulated over the night while you were resting. This is a great way to alkalize your body as well, but overall, your liver will thank you.

Stay tuned for more on the topic of detoxing and happy spring cleaning!

- by Jon Heinrich
- Photo by Jon Heinrich

Haas, Brian. Interview. October 16, 2003.
Essene Gospel Of Peace
Painting of Jesus meditating from reference in: Yogananda, Pramahansa. “The Yoga of Jesus”

Detox Purify Thy Temple - Photo by Jon Heinrich

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