NYC Art Exhibition: David Datuna’s Elements

Just last week Meniscus contributor Jonathan Cody had the opportunity to attend the an exclusive preview of David Datuna’s Elements exhibition at the Birnam Wood Galleries in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district.

David Datuna’s portraits of iconic individuals will resonate through their cultural significance. From Andy Warhol to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis these pieces are powerful milestones of world culture and would be an enhancement to any art collection. The medium is a very interesting use of prescription eye glasses against the images underneath.

It was a pleasure to see his work since his installation of Viewpoint of Billion: Portrait of America, a Google Glass-enabled, interactive exhibit in Washington DC in February 2014. David’s Smithonian National Gallery drew 23,000 visitor which made it one of the most viewed in three decades and this current exhibit Elements continues to individualize the view of iconic images.

We are certain that this is an exhibit that you don’t want to miss. The show is currently on display until June 7th.

- by Jonathan Cody

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