Super Fun Show with Learning!

Super Fun Show, with Learning! is a half animated, half live-action sci-fi comedy kids show for adults. Meniscus Magazine met up with Lexie Kahanovitz who is working on this new web TV series about the challenges the younger generation are inheriting and the effects of technology on our health and our lives. The millennials faces huge challenges, and this new series is a fun way to start the conversation.

First of all, check out the trailer!:

Meniscus: Can you tell us about this awesome new show you are working on?

Lexie: I wanted to create a comedy that pokes fun about the challenges young people face around debt, and the planet-sized economic and environmental mess they are inheriting.

Super Fun Show, with Learning! is ultimately a kids show for adults that draws from our favorite childhood shows, like Pee Wee’s Playhouse. But it’s a little darker because it’s combined with elements from my favorite sci-fi directors, including Lynch, Gilliam, and Cronenberg to create a sense of nostalgic decay as a back drop for the show.

Meniscus: Who is your audience?

Lexie: Our audience is anyone who empathizes with the enormous debt of our country and feels out of sorts with the state of our economy, our values and culture. Picture it being a fun show like Pee Wee’s but with some useful educational elements about this unique era kids are growing up in.

Meniscus: What is your goal?

Lexie: I have three overarching goals for Super Fun Show, with Learning!

First of all, lot of us went to college and didn’t necessarily receive the survival skills needed for life after school, so we want to serve as a source of learning. In the next episode for example, we’ll learn about food stamps and how to register for them in a classic Sesame Street style animation, which will also be funny, (I promise!) My aim is also for people to not feel as guilty for needing assistance.

Second, my goal is to get people to really consider their relationships with technology and how it’s shaped them. We’re the last generation to remember life without a computer, and I think it’s important to remember that way of life. I know that my memory and attention span has certainly suffered. At the same time, we have such incredible knowledge and truly a global community available to us at nearly the speed of light whenever we want.

We keep technology in perspective, and Super Fun will prompt this conversation.

Also, I want to examine the possible health effects of our electronics. A cell phone is like a tiny, open microwave oven, and wifi does pass through us – so I want to visually represent this – like when the 1s and 0s travel from WIFI through Sandy’s head, for example. (In fact, the World Health Organization just listed cell phones as carcinogenic.)

Super Fun Show, with Learning! is also a social satire.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of animation and awesome rock. Classic shows like Sesame Street have incredible animation segments and music. Super Fun will employ loads of various animation styles and feature music that totally rocks.

Meniscus: What positive change have you seen in the culture to indicate the world is ready for this message?

Lexie: A lot of people my age are reconciling the fact that the American Dream is not materializing. As a generation, we believed that going into enormous debt to pay for college was a requirement to achieve this life that included an amazing house, a sweet job, and even a hoverboard. Now, the jobs aren’t there and millennials are pretty broke.

I think we’re ready to examine this sort of reality check and laugh about it. We also see that our economy and entire value system based on capitalism is faltering – and so let’s create something new. Super Fun starts the conversation about how our value system needs changing – and present ways that our values can shift.

In short, I think people are ready to laugh about their surroundings, because while in many ways I’m proud of our generation, things certainly need adjusting, and we need entertainment that reflects the change that’s needed. And laughing about it is way more empowering than watching something that’s a total bummer.

I find that people embrace learning more and more. We love how-to videos, and even shows like Drunk History show that we can not only use comedy to poke fun at our culture, but to also present some knowledge and helpful tips as well, (like how to operate a fire extinguisher!)

If this resonates with you, please get involved! You can contribute in the campaign for Super Fun Show, with Learning!, here at Kickstarter. Every little bit helps, this is a great opportunity to get involved in creating a new paradigm for social change.

Here’s the website:

And to see the first full episode in its entirety, here you go:

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