A Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess – An Introduction to the Divine Feminine

Part I:
Women are the most amazing, fascinating creatures on the planet and have the potential to bring happiness to not only us as individuals, but as a world as a whole. We as men need to treat them so, that is why we should be gentlemen. Every one of them represent the Divine Feminine.

A Gentleman's Guide to the Goddess, Jon Heinrich PhotographyA Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess is a new series on Meniscus Magazine for men, for women. This is not a pick-up manual, but rather an inquiry to higher consciousness achieved by finding your soul mate and the spiritual journey achieved through divine union of two open hearts in love.

First question: why listen to me? Am I James Bond? No. The reason you should read A Gentleman’s Guide is because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I admitted that, and my willingness to let go of my ego and ask questions was my first step of learning. “I don’t know, but I want to.”

The divine union with a goddess is the most enlightening thing this planet has to offer—so it is definitely worth a study.

I was awkward teen, never dated mch in HS, and not a ladies man. I lost my virginity when I was 20, and not long after that, right after college I got into a long term relationship with a girl with a deep Catholic upbringing, so we were a good match…

When we broke up I was 30 and I was starting over. Like a teen, I was confused, randy and looking for love..

I did my research, read books, had experiences, but most of all, I found my soul mate and that has been the most potent learning experience I have had to date.

“The Vedic concept speaks about the womb chakra. If you take Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, and Jesus Christ, they received amazing light only through women. Without women, any divine soul cannot win the greatest enlightenment in his life. Women are that much more powerful than the men.” -Sri Kaleshwar

First – be complete
The first step in attracting your worthy life partner is to work on yourself—always and forever. The Soka Gaiki Buddhists often refer to the act of “polishing the mirror.” This is a metaphor that extends through many faiths, that our lives reflect what is within ourselves. This is an entire conversation unto itself, but for this conversation, suffice it to say, we attract people like ourselves.

That famous “you complete me” scene in the movie Jerry McGuire is all wrong. Do not look for someone to “complete you”, that will just bring another incomplete individual with holes into your life. So in order to attract someone that does not have debilitating issues, you need to work through your own debilitating issues. As men, that is often hard for us, because we were taught from pop culture that men are strong and to put up an emotional shield to protect our toughness instead of being vulnerable and open so we can work through our junk. Until you really open up to it, you may not even know what your issues are. But we all have them.

So first off, unpack your baggage. Maybe you were abused as a kid. Maybe you were born Catholic like I was. Maybe you are just human and have built-in issues like the Oedipus complex that may be manifesting in any number of ways.

Do the work. Clean out your head. Purify your mind. Detox your psyche. We have all met women with issues (again, who does not have issues!?). You will continue to attract people with issues commensurate to your own.

Ask yourself: what patterns have I been re living over and over? You may blame your partner, but we all attract who reflects our personality. Ask yourself, what was the lesson and did I learn it? How do I move forward and stop this pattern?

“Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” ― George Carlin, When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

Modern men are trained by pop culture to emulate Hans Solo, James Bond, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood. This is all an illusion, these people are in entertainment and not real. So let’s talk about real life.

So for this first installment of The Gentleman’s Guide to the Goddess, your exercise is to look within and to see what issues you have been carrying around with you that you don’t want to have come up when you meet the woman of your dreams. You probably know what they are but have been subconsciously suppressing them for years. Time to dig them up. In future installments I will give you more ways to work through your junk, but for now, your challenge is to dig deep and see what they are.

I will also be covering many other angles about how to be a perfect gentleman to your Goddess, including:
- Girlfriend etiquette
- Integrity
- Sharpening the sexual sword
- Fashion
- Awareness of objectification
- Health
- and meditations to support these pursuits.

It is a long road well worth traveling. Today’s exercise is to remember, we all reflect and attract what is within, so go forth, and polish that mirror!

- By Jon Heinrich

Photography by Jon Heinrich
Model: Marie Wu

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