Challenge: Celebrate Yourself

Self love. That is the beginning of happiness. But society makes that awfully hard, especially for women. Look through covers of US magazine and you will see rotating covers featuring women who have gained weight, then next week a feature about an actress with an eating disorder. We have photoshopped models in every magazine, we have an unhealthy, unrealistic view of what women should look like.

161014701Luckily there are wonderful people out there helping us to move past that. Nutrition and Positive Body Coach Loni Markman invites you to a special program beginning December 1st called “Celebrate Yourself”. She works through a program of motivation, assignments, nutrition tips and tools and challenges participants to embrace your inner awesomeness!

Check out the link here if you are interested in boosting your own self love. As we know, we reflect in the world what is inside of us. So the more love you experience inside, the more you’ll experience in the rest of your life. And did I mention the program is FREE?! What’s to lose?

Another program Loni just launched is the Positive Pregnancy Program, a community she created to help women love their bodies while they are pregnant or trying to conceive. Loni learned the hard way with this, by experience. She’s in fact due in January herself. (Congrats!)

If you are interested in this, or know someone that would be, please send them along:

Thanks to everyone for spreading as much love as possible, internally and externally.



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