Mu Mu Muesli—because you are what you eat

Artists Mike and Lisa made a life evolution from city to country, and towards art and nutrition. Not only is their nutritious Mu Mu Muesli worth digesting, but so is their creative process, helping anyone considering a leap of faith towards their dreams in a new career doing what you love.

Meniscus met them recently to ask how art help creates a new paradigm?

“Art helps to create a paradigm of non-stagnation.” Lisa explains. “Good art is synonymous with a good life. We should always ask questions and be courageous and brave enough to look at the answers. Art keeps moving and searching-root around for the truth, uncover it and make it public. Art follows no rules but that of continually striving for something better. Art and life should not take itself too seriously- laugh a lot but at the same time, know when to fight like hell. Art can teach us to love and appreciate our lives!”

We are what we eat. People should take that as literally as as it is stated. If you eat well and focus your diet around fruits, vegetables and whole grains,this is your ticket to good health and disease prevention.

“When your health is good you feel good and are happier and being happier gives you strength and energy and being stronger makes us clearer thinkers and better citizens which can change the world to be a better place.”

“But it all starts with what goes into your mouth. Americans really have to take more of a responsibility for their health because we cannot trust the medical establishment being that they are all about drugs rather than health through nutrition.”

Q: Tell me about your energetic state. When do you really feel enlivened?

“Mike and I both have tremendous amounts of energy. Yesterday a friend said that he and other acquaintances of ours, discussed our energy level and wondered perhaps if it was because we never had kids? I quickly offered the fact that we eat Mu Mu TWICE a day and maybe that was the reason!”

Mu Mu Muesli can be found in select New York Whole Foods and you can find out more about them at

- By Jon Heinrich

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