Everything is Energy

photo (4)We are Divine beings of light; pulsating with energy. There is an interconnectedness that exists between us. Our energy is continuous. It flows from one point of attraction to another. We are magnets of manifestation; pure potential.

In the physical, we attract people and situations into our lives that are a reflection of who we are. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, direct our attention to create the life we are living.

There are those individuals that believe the best, and those who believe the worst. Which one are you? Of course anyone would choose the prior, but many of us do not. We may hold unconscious beliefs and programming that directs the flow of our energy (our thoughts) to the latter.

We automatically gravitate towards the familiar, the known. For example, this has been this way for so long, that’s just the way it is. There is nothing I can do about it. Truth be told, there is. We choose again. And again and again. We choose differently. How can we navigate through these murky waters?

Here are a few suggestions to change the trajectory and flow of your energy in a direction of your pleasing:

IMG_0962Surround yourself with beauty

Flowers, art, inspiration. Something that when your eyes gaze upon it, it makes you feel uplifted.

JRH_3219Connect with the natural elements

As little as 5-10 minutes a day in a natural setting can be so transformative. Gaze upon the stars, marinate in God’s beauty.

IMG_0240Meditate, pray, breathe

Find a place of stillness. This doesn’t mean the mind is perfectly at ease. It means you are taking the time to honor silence. Yes, the mind can be flooded with thoughts and emotions, but over time this will begin to shift.

029_JRH_2107_250Be in gratitude

Celebrate the good that is already in your life. From this place, the universe responds by blessing you with even more.

Be love, be loving. And you are. Always. In all ways.

With Love, Denise

By Denise Brandi
Photography by Jon Heinrich

Denise Brandi is a fitness, yoga and spiritual teacher.
She moves and inspires others to create space within for healing and transformation.
Her dream is to enlighten as many as possible to believe in the power of the Divine.
“If you believe it you can become it.”….


Her blog is denisebrandi.blogspot.com.

Denise Brandi

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