A meditation: Feeding off the light

Dear Loved Ones,
Scientists are now exploring that we may actually live off “Light” energy and interestingly not necessarily from the Sun, but Light from the universe.

This light seems to keep our DNA in action (remember our DNA is a vast collection of photons) and when we are stressed we apparently release the photons (light particles) from our DNA; when we do not have enough light feeding our system, we become sick, emotionally, mentally and physically and shy away from our potential.

I understand that when the Master Teachers work with us, when they do their energetic activations, they are helping us open up again to this what I will call Divine Light and that is why we feel so much better after sessions, we feel more alive, more awake, more powerful. I am guessing that from the dimension where they exist, they have more command over the natural laws of the Universe and they have learned how to work with energy, how to live without limitations and how to share love without judgment. I see that this is what they are teaching us, showing us each time we get together, training us energetically into a new expanded system.
Love, blessings, Suzy
Powerhouse Australian spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, is an energetic channel and has been channeling the Master Teachers and Metatron for some fifteen years. An ordained minister in the Order of Melchezidek World Light Fellowship, she holds workshops on the teachings of the Master Teachers worldwide.

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