The Singing Bowl is a Chocolate Cupcake

Q: Master Teachers, first of all everyone in this room is grateful for your presence. You mentioned that the Tibetan singing bowl is also a chocolate cupcake, and also an incarnation of Krishna.  We humans have a hard time letting go of this dualistic view, do you have any advice for us, in getting to that point of non-judgement?

A: We think that most of you would like to see the chocolate cupcake.  And maybe a few people would like to see Krishna.  And very few people would like to see the singing bowl.  So let us say very clearly that, you see what you want to see.  And most of you just want to see chocolate.  Most of you just want chocolate because chocolate makes you feel high.  Chocolate is, let us say, a chemical.  Yes, we have nothing against chocolate of course, but it is something that is, three dimensional, it is something that is simple, it is something that is quick, it is something that is not involved with very much spiritual work.  

People are really not so interested these days, let us say very simply, in actually being present.  They would like to not be present.  They would like to sit on the couch, watch TV, have everything made for them, their food out of a box, their entertainment out of a box, and if they are watching porn, their intimacy out of a box.  

There is a very, very serious detachment from everything.  Everything is packaged, prearranged, already completely controlled, as to what frequency it resonates at.  You dear loved Ones, are now given the freedom, as you always have been, given the freedom to find everything in your lives, but you want it now, and you want it fast!  And you want it instantaneously.  Because you “think” you should be having it right now.  

So what is it before your eyes?  What is it that you want to see?  What is it that you want to get?  Really, really, behind everything, what you always always want to get is love.  So even when the heroin addict, is shooting up, sticking their needle in their arm, heroin makes them high.  Chocolate makes you high.  Mantras make you high.  Love makes you high.  

And what is high?

High is freedom.  High is liberation.  High is “I am one with everything.” All of your activities really are helping you, supporting you, making you, inspiring you, motivating you to find God.  To be with God.  Because God is everywhere.  God is everything.  But when you see the bowl as a chocolate cake, when you see the bowl as Krishna, when you see the bowl as a singing bowl, all of those things are divine, and all of those things are God.  Whether they are made by man, made by a chef, made by anybody, everything is divine.  

So where is your focus?

Where is the mind?  Do you want to see all of the suffering?  Do you want to be in all of the suffering?  Do you want to focus the mind completely on God?  On everything that is God?  

Where is your mind?

Where is the cupcake?

Where is Krishna?

The cupcake, the chocolate cupcake is everywhere.  And Krishna is everywhere.  And oh, by God!  You too, are everywhere!  This to answer your question, is simply a matter of perception.  If you judge the world, as that world of dichotomy, of polarity, of fragments, that is your view.  You also have the choice to see the world where everything is God and everything is divine.  It is your choice dear loved ones.  It has always been your choice.   It will always be your choice.  

Open your eyes and see.  

Did we answer your question?

Q: Yes, thank you.

A: We thank you, what a wonderful question!  And we just love talking about chocolate of course!  Chocolate is the hook!  You say chocolate and everyone says “yeah I know what you mean!”  

By Suzy Meszoly and The Master Teachers

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