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Summer 2004
Issue #4

May - August 2004

Visual Art and Spiritual Evolution
Andy Gmür
Biological evolution has advanced to the point that a 'spiritual evolution' is taking place. This natural process is happening, no matter if we are aware of it or not.

The Dehydration Epidemic
Jaime Larese
Our first step to improving a myriad of health problems is understanding dehydration and how much water we need to be drinking daily to maintain our fragile health.

What's Endangering Our Earth?
Jeff Hernandez
The everyday items that are meant to facilitate our lives, in fact may be harming us more than we bargained for. Organic chemicals are extremely cheap to produce and are very effective in their job functions.

Looking Forward to Clean Energy
Jon Heinrich
Fortunately, solutions exist and if we are able to raise awareness and convince our policy makers to consider it a priority, we can all look forward to a bright, energy-rich future instead of one marked by environmental, political, and social disaster.
Aaron Ades
You don't need to save for a rainy day if you create a system that is in harmony with the needs of the human animal. Create what you need and eliminate the reliance on things you cannot create.
Ten Things You Can Do to Help Your Earth
Chrystie Hopkins
Whether you live in New York City or Big Fork, Montana, everyday decisions that you make can impact the environment. The revolution starts at home. Here are ten things that you can do to help save YOUR world.
Derek Gumuchian
We are all one. In this article we explore the idea of the Earth as an entire entitiy and as our mother.
The Fabulous Sylvan Sisters
Dan Berthiaume
An hour later, Donna was lazily reclining in the passenger seat of Melinda's cherry red Volkswagen New Beetle, consuming a brunch consisting of a can of Diet Pepsi and a low-tar cigarette...
è bella Designs in Peru
Michael Weintrob
Photographer Michael Weintrob travels to Peru with è bella Designs, to capture how è bella has helped to revive the art of weaving and the Peruvuian economy.
Rough Around the Edges
Jonathan Alsop

Technically, first thing in the morning is the very best time to taste wine since your palate is fresh and unviolated. But I don't do it: the sight of daddy in his bathrobe on a Sunday morning slogging down a half-dozen bottles of wine could stay with a child.

Show Review:
Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda—Six Years of friends, funk and crack horns.
Jon Heinrich
Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda celebrate six years as a band by playing at Boston's Harpers Ferry. Opening up for Arcoda was Color and Talea and Caveman. 4/4/04.

CD Reviews:

Empty Food
Kerry Rumore
Fish Pond &
The Little Prince Discovers a Rose
Katie Molnar

Selections by Brian Gagné:

  • [It Fails to Pass]
  • Fever/Lever
  • Grief
  • Smallness annihilated in the scope of puzzlement
  • Untitled A

Spring Issue Launch
Club Europa,
Feb. 19, 2004

State of the Art,
Oct. 23, 2003

Portland, Maine
Aug. 30, 2003

Premier Launch,
Zeitgeist Gallery,
Aug. 14, 2003


Enjoy your senses
in the Meniscus
Prose Lounge


Empty Food

talking about Buddhism makes me
hungry it makes me wish
i were food less like the
hotdog in the song more
like succulent celery stalks stringy like
mango complete
with floss or needing floss

i’ve been thinking about dancing
again despite having lost my legs recently
they were only holding me back the loss
is a lucky license to pick up a seventh
sense having grown tired
of the sixth

there are few people in my life that really move me
and there are thousands seas within seas of them
gurgling up messages speaking
in tongues, with tongues, from tongues
the language that formerly carried us has sprung some

my stomach is rumbling again
like thunder pounding in the sky
(but softly)
it is the very idea of the complexity
of us that makes me feel
on empty

full full
i want to be
full full
i want to speak full in the
mouth and thick
in the tongue

i want to use words—to use them
to beat them like drums and shake them like

but I stand firm on the stalks these
trousers like robots moving my legs
so large so fat
through things I think I’d like to
sit down with
for coffee and tranquilizers

i’d like to know there’s still time
to be full
i’d like to lick these shaggy limbs off
and be still
but everyone around me is working like
lemmings to get out of their skin

you do not know
how much this food means
to me
you wonder
how can she be obese and hungry?
I wonder
how can you see me through your
milkshake eyes?
how can you suck at the fat and be
bags of bones lingering?

i’ll tell you a secret: you were taught to un
learn yourself you were given the
to build bird nests from brick look
at how you fall from falling

throw out the thick from your lids and
put it in your mouth where you first learned
to feed yourself this is have
have not before the
of equality who told them they could be the only ones
who were telling more
than a story?
are they more credible now
because they were hallucinating then?

i say,
my puppet,
who has got their fist
in you
these days?



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