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Summer 2004
Issue #4

May - August 2004

Visual Art and Spiritual Evolution
Andy Gmür
Biological evolution has advanced to the point that a 'spiritual evolution' is taking place. This natural process is happening, no matter if we are aware of it or not.

The Dehydration Epidemic
Jaime Larese
Our first step to improving a myriad of health problems is understanding dehydration and how much water we need to be drinking daily to maintain our fragile health.

What's Endangering Our Earth?
Jeff Hernandez
The everyday items that are meant to facilitate our lives, in fact may be harming us more than we bargained for. Organic chemicals are extremely cheap to produce and are very effective in their job functions.

Looking Forward to Clean Energy
Jon Heinrich
Fortunately, solutions exist and if we are able to raise awareness and convince our policy makers to consider it a priority, we can all look forward to a bright, energy-rich future instead of one marked by environmental, political, and social disaster.
Aaron Ades
You don't need to save for a rainy day if you create a system that is in harmony with the needs of the human animal. Create what you need and eliminate the reliance on things you cannot create.
Ten Things You Can Do to Help Your Earth
Chrystie Hopkins
Whether you live in New York City or Big Fork, Montana, everyday decisions that you make can impact the environment. The revolution starts at home. Here are ten things that you can do to help save YOUR world.
Derek Gumuchian
We are all one. In this article we explore the idea of the Earth as an entire entitiy and as our mother.
The Fabulous Sylvan Sisters
Dan Berthiaume
An hour later, Donna was lazily reclining in the passenger seat of Melinda's cherry red Volkswagen New Beetle, consuming a brunch consisting of a can of Diet Pepsi and a low-tar cigarette...
è bella Designs in Peru
Michael Weintrob
Photographer Michael Weintrob travels to Peru with è bella Designs, to capture how è bella has helped to revive the art of weaving and the Peruvuian economy.
Rough Around the Edges
Jonathan Alsop

Technically, first thing in the morning is the very best time to taste wine since your palate is fresh and unviolated. But I don't do it: the sight of daddy in his bathrobe on a Sunday morning slogging down a half-dozen bottles of wine could stay with a child.

Show Review:
Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda—Six Years of friends, funk and crack horns.
Jon Heinrich
Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda celebrate six years as a band by playing at Boston's Harpers Ferry. Opening up for Arcoda was Color and Talea and Caveman. 4/4/04.

CD Reviews:

Empty Food
Kerry Rumore
Fish Pond &
The Little Prince Discovers a Rose
Katie Molnar

Selections by Brian Gagné:

  • [It Fails to Pass]
  • Fever/Lever
  • Grief
  • Smallness annihilated in the scope of puzzlement
  • Untitled A

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Visual Art
Spiritual Evolution


"It is time for us humans to consciously mature; it's time to reconnect with ourselves and consequently with our mother Gaia. "




"This natural process of growth—the shift towards divinity—is happening, no matter if we humans are aware of it or not—if we want it to happen or not. "











"Obsessive persuit of material wealth has caused a severe imbalance of our three bodies: physical/biological, mental/psych- ological, and spiritual."











"Ancient spiritual exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong can help us to reestablish the so needed harmony between our bodies, all humans and mother earth."

by Andreas Gmür
Published May 15, 2004

The entire universe, all the galaxies, suns, and planets are made out of the same "clay". All plants, animals, humans and even non living objects like rocks are made of the same "clay" from mother earth, hence the same "clay" the universe is made off.

The sum of All the "clay" is "Cosmic Energy"; others might call this Divine Force, God, or Allah.

Cosmic Energy can be in different states, similar to the water molecule. Water can be solid (ice) liquid (water) and gas (vapor). It is still water, yet the distance between the molecules is different.

A simplified interpretation states that Cosmic Energy can be in the solid form of matter (body) or in the pure state of Energy (spirit). Einstein captured this intimate relationship between matter and Energy in his most known formula E=mc2.

There might have been just pure Cosmic Energy (Spirit, Divine Force, God, or Allah) before the Big Bang. Part or all of this Energy slowed down and changed into matter during the Big Bang, similarly as vapor condenses to liquid water.

Our biological life in form of flesh and bones is just a temporal state. Our physical bodies will eventually go back from where they came from, namely mother earth and Cosmic Energy. It is a closed system, therefore nothing is lost. It is a perpetual change between Energy and matter until matter reaches the level of consciousness of "Cosmic Energy".

This ‘evolution of consciousness’ goes along with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Biological evolution has advanced to the point that a ‘spiritual evolution’ is taking place. This natural process of growth, increase of complexity, or shift towards divinity is happening, no matter if we humans are aware of it or not, if we want it to happen or not.

Our consciousness level is growing towards ‘Christ or Buddha Consciousness’ as a child grows to become an adult. We can actually determine how much and how fast we grow towards this ultimate goal during our biological lifetime through examples handed down to us from ancient spiritual practices.

For example, holistic exercises harmonize our three bodies (physical-biological, mental-psychological, and spiritual) which tend to be out of balance in our modern society due to stress, attachments and sick behavior. We are only truly a ‘balanced being’ if we are equally balanced in these three dimensions. Buddha and Jesus, to mention a few, were Masters of this ‘applied wisdom’. We can attain a high level of consciousness as they did if we only believe in it and take the path of spiritual growth with 100% devotion and dedication as they did.

The Visual Art is a language through which humans can express their consciousness. This ability sets us apart from animals, for example.

An artist with a highly evolved consciousness level can potentially (through some academic skills) create works of art that visualize and radiate this high level of energy. This energy is ‘contagious’, be it on a conscious or subconscious level of the viewer. This means that looking at art can foster spiritual growth.

Artists should therefore give at least the same importance to their spiritual development as to their academic development in order to foster evolution, assuming that our purpose of life is to contribute to evolution and not to decadence.

Andreas Gmür

Andreas Gmür was born in Switzerland and grew up in Brazil and Colombia. He has been living in the U.S. since 1995 where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Boston University (1997) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University (2002).

Andreas has been passionately painting since 1990 and has exhibited his artwork in numerous group shows in Switzerland and the United States.

He has been influenced by "Action-Painting" defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica as: "direct, instinctual, and highly dynamic kind of art that involves the spontaneous application of vigorous, sweeping brushstrokes and the chance effects of dripping and spilling paint onto the canvas."

Andreas refers to his technique as "Chi-Energy-Painting" influenced by eastern spiritual exercises, which goes hand in hand with his attempt to visualize "Cosmic Energy".

Andreas' recent paintings convey an ethereal and metaphysical dimension through numerous thin layers of translucent oil paint built up on the canvas. Andreas had a couple of life changing mystical experiences in 1997, which led him to his ultimate goal to contribute to the rise of human solidarity and environmental awareness as well as to awaken the desire for spiritual growth in as many individuals as possible.

Andreas' "Self Portrait of Envisioned Aspirations" was selected to be shown at the Cambridge Art Association's National Prize Show, May 3 – June 24, 2004.



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