A meditation: Feeding off the light


Dear Loved Ones,   Scientists are now exploring that we may actually live off "Light" energy and interestingly not necessarily from the Sun, but Light from the universe. This light seems to keep our DNA in action (remember our DNA is a vast collection of photons) and when we are stressed we apparently release the photons (light particles) from our … [Read more...]

Rockaway Hurricane Seva


The 15 passenger van was silent as we drove through the downtown area of Rockaways that seemed to be hit the hardest. I saw high water marks six feet up on the inside of the windows in the local tavern. Then an impossibly destroyed car. I'm wondering “how in God's name did that happen?” Then it got worse. One store front: burned. Another storefront: burned. … [Read more...]

The Singing Bowl is a Chocolate Cupcake


Q: Master Teachers, first of all everyone in this room is grateful for your presence. You mentioned that the Tibetan singing bowl is also a chocolate cupcake, and also an incarnation of Krishna.  We humans have a hard time letting go of this dualistic view, do you have any advice for us, in getting to that point of non-judgement? A: We think that most of … [Read more...]

Meniscus Magazine: Why?


You may or not remember the first era of Meniscus Magazine. After a long hiatus and some deep thinking, we are back! The question is "Why?" So, Why? To press forward on our "mission to civilize". To "turn poison into medicine.” We have come to the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one. Because this new era is all about the … [Read more...]

The Mind Wrap Philosophy

Photo: Jon Heinrich

The Mind Wrap Philosophy I would like to reintroduce to you the importance of your imagination. There is a simple strategy that I have practiced over the past few years to deliberately extract more wisdom from my daydreams. My actual dreams have always been fantastic. As a young child I would often talk or shout in my sleep as I fought dragons or … [Read more...]

The Superhero Archetype


"the ring choose you” a testing to show the hero is mortal the hero has fear does not want the responsibility of saving the world hero sees the girl the girl is in trouble hero saves girl! Realizes power uses superpowers in normal every day life for justice hero falls for girl but then is confronted by an evil that, if left … [Read more...]