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November - February 2004

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Bynum's Corner Word Games

The Dissapperance of Childhood
Sarah Trachtenburgh

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Those games
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Ode de Toiletté
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-Stephanie Laterza
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IT Installation

Designed by Rob Hansen
Published 11/15/03

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As you're securing the tubes into 6-foot and 9-foot sections, be sure to make them as sturdy as possible at the joints. Trust me on this one.

Nice work. Keep it up fellas.

Now the assembly begins. With the assistance of lots of duct tape, configure the 6-foot arms around the vertical 9-foot tower and secure to roof rack. If possible, at the joint where the smaller arms support the vertical column, allow some up-and-down movement so the structure can wave with the wind. We don't want to be too rigid, after all, we're here to have fun.



Notice from the top view, the perfect interface each supporting arm makes with the column, using the triangular shape of the FedEx tube.

This is a good time to notice that, for this prototype, we did not follow the exact instructions outlined in the blueprints. Where Rob calls for three 6-foot sections, we used only 3-foot sections. (We ran out; incidently FedEx tubes do a great job of holding up a tarp in the conventional sense. Which is why I would bring extras!)

You'll see for yourself what this construction flaw did to the final installation. (Continued on page 4, below.)




-Rob Hansen

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