Life 101: Seven years a New Yorker

Seven Years a New Yorker - Life 101 Lessons

New York is not only the greatest city in the world, but it is a great teacher as well. The density of culture and technicolor array of ethnicities brings together an anything-goes city where nothing is out of the ordinary. It has been said that only after living here for seven years one can officially call themselves a New Yorker. I just crossed this … [Read more...]

Selenium: Keep your third eye seeing clearly

Heinrich Third Eye

Why do you need selenium? I picked out this particular dietary supplement to write about because it is growing in importance for two reasons, 1) our water supplies are infused with flouride so you need to double down on your efforts to counteract toxicity and 2) the energetic collective conscious of the planet is emerging more and more, and one big way to … [Read more...]

The Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Fra Angelico's The Annunciation (c. 1438): Virgin Mary meets the Angel Gabriel to be told she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

Dear Francis, Thank you for finally stepping out of the centuries-old mold and bringing the Church around to tolerance and unconditional love. I am SURE Jesus would agree with your comments on gay marriage, you are right, who are any of us to judge? I would like to propose another change that has been carved in stone for some time, the Sign of the … [Read more...]

On Cloud Atlas: Each crime and every kindness

Jon Heinrich Photography © 2013

I’m watching Cloud Atlas for the third time now, I have not seen a movie this good in a long long time, so much that I was compelled to write a movie review. Cloud Atlas shows the interplay of dimensions between lifetimes, and the way that our choices—each crime and every kindness—dictate our future fortunes. You may initially have a “disdain for [the] … [Read more...]

Challenge: Celebrate Yourself


Self love. That is the beginning of happiness. But society makes that awfully hard, especially for women. Look through covers of US magazine and you will see rotating covers featuring women who have gained weight, then next week a feature about an actress with an eating disorder. We have photoshopped models in every magazine, we have an unhealthy, … [Read more...]

Mu Mu Muesli—because you are what you eat

Artists Mike and Lisa made a life evolution from city to country, and towards art and nutrition. Not only is their nutritious Mu Mu Muesli worth digesting, but so is their creative process, helping anyone considering a leap of faith towards their dreams in a new career doing what you love. Meniscus met them recently to ask how art help creates a new … [Read more...]

Up in Eagle’s Nest with Aron Ralston

Eagle's Nest Wilderness, photo by Jon Heinrich © 2013

I'm high up in the Gore Range with America's most inspiring left-handed climber Aron Ralston. We have a fantastic view of dawn through the silvery underleaves of the dewy underbrush as we breathe in the crisp mountain air. Eagle's Nest Wilderness area, where we are climbing now, is the topic of conversation as we round out 11,000' around 7 am. … [Read more...]

I understand how people get addicted to coke


I tried it recently. Not for this first time, when I was going through my experimental years I had also tried the drug along with many others like it. But it has been a while so I forgot what it was like. But recently I was on a little road trip that had me 94 miles outside of Manhattan at 2 AM and I was getting real drowsy. Having just watched Due Date, … [Read more...]

Rockaway Hurricane Seva


The 15 passenger van was silent as we drove through the downtown area of Rockaways that seemed to be hit the hardest. I saw high water marks six feet up on the inside of the windows in the local tavern. Then an impossibly destroyed car. I'm wondering “how in God's name did that happen?” Then it got worse. One store front: burned. Another storefront: burned. … [Read more...]