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Boston Mobilization, Socialist Worker’s Party, Eastern Service Worker’s Association, Aquarii Arts Network, Socialist Alternative, The Lucy Parsons Center, Iraq Veterans Against the War...
...Veterans for Peace, Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party, Northeastern University Campus Against Foreign Racism and Equal Exchange Coffee were there to present and distribute information to party "assemblees."

To represent the opposition, the Billionaires for Bush touted their support for legislation to privitize everything.

"But darling, war is so profitable!" says Ivana Moore Enmoore.


Military Families Against the War spoke out against the senseless loss of lives due to an unfounded justification for war.


And we all took the time to remember those lost.


Nate and Amatul of Aquarii Arts Network on beatbox and spoken word.

Pete Cassani


The All Star Anti War band included Gordon Stone on petal steel guitar, Jimmy Ryan on mandolin, Ben Groppe on tenor sax, Jake Cole on drums, Pete Cassani on guitar and Brian O’Connell on bass.


"We wanted to merge the live music scene, which is full of amazing vital energy, with the progressive activist scene, which is essential for the future well-being of our society," says O’Connell shown here with his co-organizers, Jon Heinrich and Chrystie Hopkins.


Assembling Peace raised over $250 for Boston Mobilization to help offset the costs of the Peace and Justice rally on Boston Common on March 20, observing the two-year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.


Stay tuned for the next peace party, the movement lives!




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